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The person who was obstructing your path is gone...

now it all depends on you.

Sincerely yours,



The Victory of the Light!

"The conclusion of 2,700 years of intense fight against evilness"

"I´m very happy for what you did", said God to Ashtar Ramavayan weeks ago, calling him "Galactic Commander of the Light Ashtar Ramavayan" with a lovely, but profound voice... No one else in all my universes has done what you achieved... You destroyed a great being devoted to evilness, someone who was against Me, subjugating thousands of solar systems in various universes. With your bravery, you liberated millions and millions of people, that's why a lot of beings are celebrating right now with great joy and happiness all around the galaxies.
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The antichrist is dead - the antichrist died - Jesus the Christ defeated the antichrist - Saint Germain defeated the antichrist - Ramavayan defeated the antichrist - Ramavayan won the Armageddon - The antichrist was killed - The antichrist died - They defeated the antichrist - The Armageddon is over - 2012 events were canceled - Ascencion in 2056