The Liberation of the Death 9/11 Net of Lies
Remembering October 14th 2008 (The day that Sharover was SOS) "Be Happy" Jesus the Christ / The Aquarium Era Started
"Logic Don´t Exist" Saint Germain Holes in the “Cosmic Scum” were opened; More Ego and Karma Cleansing will come
"Give Without Expecting in Return" Jesus the Christ RAMAVAYAN´s SPECIAL MESSAGE: “Detect the enemies around you, and segregate them”
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The Armageddon in Numbers Important Changes Dates
Homages to Ramavayan "You Saved My Life" -Ashtar Sheran
Love Energies Transform our Planet "The Stubborn, Obstinate and Stupid"
Light Message "You planned it"
The Sacrifice Who will actually suffer in 2012