More about Pandora: The Box Contained the “Evil Establishment Order”

Mexico, September 23rd 2010. This was a very important day to understand what the Pandora´s Box was in fact. We discovered that, being connected with other psycho-energetic mechanisms of control that were obstructing the incoming of light to our world (see: "Ramavayan breaks the tension flames”), Pandora was actuality the “brain” of all the evil operation on Earth, it was the Evil Order established by the evil ones. That box contained the control, the rules, and the guidelines that regulated the organization of evilness in our planet. All what was producing the bizarre world in which we´ve been living, was kept in that cage, all the elements that made of our world an impossible-to-purify inferno was organized in that site.

The energetic works of Pandora were designed under the authorization of the antichrist to “invert” goodness into evilness in our world. “A lot of people are not going to believe in this easily” –commented Ramavayan this day, “but the truth is that Pandora was a device that guided the actions of evil people, and provided confusion to the good-will ones. In my case, giving an example, I always saw that what I was doing always produced inverted results; however, people of the dark path always obtained positive results in all what they did, even if they were bad actions; such contradictory effects were produced by Pandora. In some time there will be confirmations that all of this is truth” –concluded.

Ramavayan accepted that, mainly in Mexico –although also in other parts of the world-, for a long time hard-looking leaders have been adored, although in real life they could be thief and outrageous; we´ve been considered the drug dealers, and even the tyrants, outstanding people that deserve our admiration and respect. Even the presidents of our countries, once they finished their terms of office, immediately we use to see them as heroes, and in several cities they made statues to honor them, and big streets were named after their names, even if they were common citizens without love for their country. For a lot of years all of them were protected by Pandora, but today this box is broken; even a lot of religious leaders, to which we use to admire and respect, today will not have the same consideration.

Ascended Masters said the Pandora´s Box contained confusion, fear, sadness, and bitterness energies, among other negative emotions. It made people from the dark path to live in happiness, because in some way it protected them. A lot of naughty people could get one´s own way, but that privileges are gone. The energy Pandora liberated will continue affecting us, at least until the 15th of December this year, by which a lot of people are going to feel nervous and touchy, and a lot of movements are going to be produced, which finally is purification that will benefit all.

“Everything is going to change from now on” –continued Ramavayan. “They will not cheat the people so easily. We use to believe everything to our leaders, we felt that their words were coming from the Truth, although they were saying only lies; today a lot of things are going to be discovered which the most of us would have never imagined” –he added.

The Pandora´s Box breakage is, indeed, a revolution in Mankind´s History, an absolute turnover that will bring positive results from now on. From today, there will be an absolute and categorical disorganization in evilness, as good will have the chance to organize better. The organizations that were created to perpetrate evilness in our world now will get out of control; for example, a lot of mafias will start to fight among them (instead of what was before, that existed respect criteria that prevented disagreements). Thanks to Pandora´s destruction, even the international mafias will start to fight against other similar groups. Also is possible that several rebel provinces that since many years have been searching independence today will be able to achieve that without so many complications or human lives lost.

When we asked the Masters if there was a need to create a “Love Box” similar to Pandora´s, but devoted to the production of Light and Love, they answered that nothing of this was necessary, because this kind of organization from the Good happens naturally all over the universe. However, the next day from this, our beloved leader Ashtar Ramavayan created a white light belt that protects our planet with positive energy, and also a “Light Box” that contains positive love programming that benefit us.

The Pandora´s Box Was Opened

Mexico, August 28th, 2010. According to Wikipedia (in the Spanish version), the tradition says the Pandora´s Box “contained all the evilness that affected Mankind”. But now is gone. It was some kind of chest that had in its interior all different kind of negative works that affected our planet. Ramavayan describes it: “It was a rectangle, a black box, and I can see a lot of bad demons jumping and flying around it”.

Pandora was also a site created long, long time ago by an ET race, with the antichrist consent. It was situated somewhere in space between the 4th and the 5th dimensions, in a spot located half the way between our Moon and our Earth, all the time orbiting in the same position. Pandora affected the energy coming from the Moon and, due to the huge amount of malevolence it had, it was practically impregnable. This site was protected by Beelzebub, a very ancient being (of 2,780 eons of age), a guy dedicated to preserve the cheatings, lies, traps and affectations that by centuries condemned the Earth. When Ramavayan started to pull to our planet pink and Love energies, the protection of the Pandora´s Box started to debilitate and, thanks to this, the army of the Light could finally enter to destroy it. Thanks to this actions, from now on all misleads will come to light, all dark-path works, finally would be unveiled.

Ashtar Sheran Commander and his team of brave warriors announced today the news of the Pandora´s Box opening, only because “Satan and Beelzebub were finally captured” (and “imprisoned inside a cloud” according to Ramavayan instructions). Both were watched, but Satan came and returned from the Armageddon again and again, because for him “that place is the safest one to be”. Ashtar Sheran commented: “Only due to Ramavayan victory over the antichrist this could be accomplished. Without the Victory of the Light, Pandora was impossible to access, due it had one of the densest energies in our Universe. Ramavayan did an excellent work when he attracted to Earth powerful pink love and happiness rays, which debilitated Pandora´s besieges”. Another work that made easier this victory was the removal of the black-energy belt that was holding our planet (see next: “Ramavayan breaks the tension flames”).

Ramavayan explained that, because of this achievement, a lot of movements are going to happen on Earth, but finally everything is going to be for our benefit. Demons are going to be around, and a lot of people are going to be afraid of this; however, the best way to reject them is to vibrate in high Love. “A lot of changes are going to occur; among these, dark-path people are going to fight against themselves; before this victory, dark-path guy’s didn´t attack their group ones and, even if another dark-path people made traps to them, nobody bothered and they lived normally; now everyone will notice the felonies, and are going to fight them”..

Ramavayan gave the following example: “Before the Victory of the Light, a lot of bad things didn´t worry some people, and somehow they could justify them; but from now on, all the crimes are going to be known and fiercely fought. Long ago in a town of Mexico, people didn´t have the sufficient Clarity energy required to react against evilness; I was on a bar at that place, and the persons were talking about a crime some guys committed: they raped a girl, only because ´they were drunk´ -like saying: ´well, they were not aware due to the alcohol effects”. Then Ramavayan severely address them: “What if the girl was your sister, buddy, what you have done?” –he told them in a challenging way. And the guys reacted: “Oh, no, that´s not good, let’s punish those criminals!”… “Don´t excuse them because they were drunk” –insisted Ramavayan.

Now he follows: “The Truth is that before the Armageddon, a lot of injustices like this one weren´t going to be seen as a problem in our world; this kind of situations were produced by the Pandora´s Box, there wasn´t a clear consciousness of a lot of evil actions, and so they weren´t attacked. A lot of situations were minimized and hidden” –added Ramavayan, “but from now on subsequently the anger, lies, lust, greediness, all those feelings that were protected by the Pandora´s box will be noticed, and the people is going to react, and a lot of dirt will come on the air” –commented our leader. “With the propaganda, governments hided a lot of evilness, and nobody could say something. Some countries that called themselves ´civilized´, could commit atrocities and everyone would believe them. Now a huge consciousness wave will arrive; there are going to be a lot of denounces. The submissive and enslaved people will join against its enslavers”.

So he finalized: “Before this actions, a lot of people was afraid and had respect of the arrogant and manipulative ones; nowadays a lot of pride guys feel they are great human beings, only because they have money and power; from now on everything is going to be different”. This is how Divine Justice is arriving to our planet, and now Honesty and Wisdom will be elevated, and negativity will occupy the place it corresponds. “So I now make a decree” –added Ramavayan, “that all the great businesses devoted to use religion, power and knowledge as an umbrella will be eliminated; that all the impositions end”.

NOTE: After a question of one of our readers, Masters commented that, indeed, this event was related to the opening of some dimensional doors in front of the Arabian Peninsula, because from that spot God´s Love rays were coming into our planet.

Ramavayan breaks the "tension flames" of the planet

Mexico, August 20th 2010. It´s been an arduous work that our Master Ashtar Ramavayan has undertaken to clean up all different energetic consolidations, negativity belts, negative programmations and energetic screens installed by the antichrist, and that were obstructing the entrance of Jesus the Christ Love energies to our planet.

It would appear that, in our world, to live in harmony and love was especially impossible. One day Ramavayan noticed that there was a negative black-energy belt coming out from the poles and re-entering again to the Earth, which tied all kind of negative programmings in the globe, and he took them out. After that, he removed 3 or 4 energetic “points of convergence” which maintained an oppressive and difficult reality to all of us. After that he found that our planet was tied to certain programmings such as the “Murphy Laws”, by which anything you wanted to do, all the times, by one single probability, would fail; one single mistake would destroy a huge project and effort, like by magic (black magic, of course). But within 21 days from now, a lot of things will modify radically to benefit all sentient beings.

Yes, it is truth that a lot of situations are coming out of control in our lives, but this is due to the ego cleansing and the removal of the ego (karma) and sins (from “peccatto” = separation) we are facing, which before we use to hide behind masks and in our unconsciousness; today we are purifying all this imperfections very fast, and our body is shaking, as when a demon receives blessed water. A lot of people will continue dying, but at least now we have a real Hope in our world, with a better future for us and our children.

“From now on don´t turn around to your happiness and joy” –commented Master Ramavayan. “Enjoy the new horizon we have in front, wider and with more freedom that before. A lot of Love energy is arriving to Earth, and sooner or later everything will be better for the good of all; keep walking without fear” -he concluded.

The Arches of the Universe will be Opened

Mexico, July 20th 2010. In this day, a memorable date for Gudai-Shambhala, as Ramavayan celebrated 52 years of life, and started a completely new destiny, Ascended Masters gave to us the greatest news Mankind has ever received: In 2010 the Arches of the Universe will be opened. That year the final detachment from evilness will be achieved in our universe; this means, the tyranny that subjugated by eons and eons to millions of beings around the galaxies will end, and finally we´ll be able to be happy from the deepest of our hearts. This greatest success was possible, definitely, thanks to Ramavayan´s bravery and courage, for liberating us from the evil.

The Ascended Master mentioned: “You can´t imagine, Ramavayan, the joy that will be liberated in your planet; animals will be the first in feeling this sensation”.

Is due to this important event that, in these years, all the tribulations and purifications that we the human beings will be facing are more than necessary, because we are in a process to get prepared for this magnificent gift from God, which is reserved to all of which love him.

Oil Spill at the Gulf Of Mexico: "Don´t Intercede".

Mexico, July 1st 2010. Despite Ramavayan has been worried about the planet´s pollution due to the Mexico´s Gulf Oil Spill, Ascended Masters have told him that, by the moment, is better not to intercede before God for the solution of this problem. “This event forms part of a bigger process, in which the fall of the most powerful oil dynasties is involved” –they commented. “Yes, this situation is hard, but as soon as the time allows it, we will help you to control it” –they insisted. Ramavayan has visualized the precise spot of the oil spill (underseas), and what seems to happen is that there is a crack at the ocean crust which is wide open; this throws huge amounts of oil and virtually is “draining” the blood of our planet. Despite what engineers say, this spill hasn´t been stopped yet, and maybe it will be controlled not before December 2010. The gravity of this process will affect irreversibly to the huge oil companies and to those who authorized the oil exploitation in deep waters, among which the highest leaders of the most powerful country are. But thanks to this situation, scientists are turning over to alternative energetic solutions which don´t damage our planet, and the oil dynasties will not stop its development in this occasion. “During one year, specialized ET personnel will dissolve all the oil spilled out, but this until the right moment arrives” –they said. Anyway, Ramavayan prayed our Father that Mexico shall not be affected by this serious event.

The Atmosphere Shrinks; Temperature Goes Down

Mexico, March 20th, 2010. To our astonishment, Ascended Masters gave us today this important news: changes that are worrying scientists all over the world are part of the arrangements that our Father, God, is making to correct our planet´s situation. Mainly, scientists recently adverted of a strange “shrinkage” of Earth´s Atmosphere. “We did this to help your planet to recuperate faster; this situation will benefit the microflora and microfauna, to accelerate even more its recovery. We are going to shrink even more Earth´s Atmosphere” –commented the Masters.

On the other hand, they also mentioned that “Earth´s temperature will start to go down”. These are some of the news that will amaze all the scientists around the world.

Ashtar Sheran: "We are taking out all the dark path ones from the planet"

Mexico, March 18th 2010. Today Commander Ashtar Sheran explained: “We are already cleanning your world from undesireable people. There is a huge evilness exposition... everything was hidden, but from now on, all dark situations will come to light. All the people who has been in touch with the dark path guys, will suffer changes. This is an special moment in Earth´s history, because Good will configure upside Evilness, by which a lot of people will experience physical, spiritual and economical problems, and where Good will finally outstand the bad."

Common people don´t realize the changes we are making, but strong movements are taking place around your planet, of all kind: at Mother Nature, at the spiritual level, emotionally, and so on. The races that came to oppose the Light´s Victory (Frions, Septuary, Albes and others) are starting to have health problems due to be exposed to the possitive energy beign irradiated to your planet.

"The debacle of the dynasties will happen very fast. When everyone saw the speed and effectivity that Ramavayan had against the antichrist to produce a happy planet for you, all the light beigns decided to work at the same rythm, why to wait? We are working at high speed, and everything goes according to what we have planned. Stay happy; the world has been saved thanks to Ramavayan. Sooner or later the seas will get calmed. Peace and Tranquility are coming back to Earth. Give thanks to Ramavayan for what he achieved. He is the being to whom you have to follow." After this he concluded: "There are going on a lot of changes, and all of them are for the good! Reconstruction labors on your planet are arduous, but we are doing great. Temperature on your planet will go down. The oilers dynasty will fall, and also the bad millionaires will come down. Mantain an indestructible Faith…"

2,200 starships from the "Galactic Empire” (Ulizabatermamil) arrived to our planet today “to clean up Mankind´s scum”

Mexico, February 7th 2010. Today arrived to our planet a group of 2,200 starships from Ulizabatermamil, a parallel universe which entrance is close to Orion Constellation (2 million light years from here). A lot of 4th dimensional beings from that reality came, others are from Pluto, and the rest came from other twin communities to help us in this mission. They come to deeply clean the slag from our race. What they will do is to work directly with the leaders, politicians, administrators and entrepreneurs from our countries all over the world, trying to give them an open consciousness so they can obtain a superior vision.

Commanded by Ascended Master “Ulilobarre”, this beings or “blessings of Light” -as Saint Germain names them-, are going to work this first week on getting an human form. Then they will start acting filling with Light all the people that lead us but, as we already know, if our leaders don´t open their hearts and minds to the Truth of Light, it is possible that their own negativity starts bouncing in them, and that could lead to the abandon of this physical plane. Due to the actions of the “Blessings of Light” a lot of unpredictable situations will start happening on Earth.

Finally, Ascended Master Ulilobarre showed himself very grateful for all the sacrifice and efforts Ramavayan made for the Salvation they got thanks to him. “To be honest, we were very skeptical of the success of this mission” –he commented-, and then they made a homage to Ramavayan (pay attention to the narration of this event soon).

St. Germain Message: “Changes in Mother Nature are due to the damage you have done to Mother Earth”

Mexico, February 7th 2010. Today Saint Germain welcomed with joy his brothers and sisters from Ulizabatermamil, naming them “Blessings of Light that come to help our planet”. Also he commented that things are going to change for good, mainly in the spiritual plane. A lot of energies are being received to help us open our heart and mind centers, “and it is necessary that together with these energies, you get rid from your fear, because only this way you could move forward; what is happening on Mother Nature is because all the huge damage we have done to the planet, which literally is falling into pieces”.

Galactic Federation: “You don´t realize the ecological damage Mother Earth has right now”

Mexico, Febraury 4th 2010. Today the Galactic Federation sent a message to Ramavayan, in which it mentioned that "the damage your planet had beofore the antichrist defeat was so important, that if the control this evil being had over all Mankind and your planet home wouldn´t be bloqued, several catastrophes would occur, which irremediably would make you suffer a lot".And they continued: "The balance in your planet is hardly damaged, and the measures you are taking wouldn´t be enough; however we, the Galactic Federation, are already working to help you solve some of the most serious problems you´ve created, event though this actions will requiere a lot of time”.

2010: Purification through natural disaster´s year

Mexico, Febraury 4th 2010. This year in our planet several natural disasters will happen, as a result of the adjustments Mother Earth must undertake to bring back everything to normality. 25 hurricanes (and typhoons) are expected in the Atlantic-Pacific zone (at America´s continent), several electric storms, intense rains and flows all over the world. But despite this, thanks to the presence of God in our planet (see this news ahead), the number of deceases by this phenomena will be less than expected. 2 other major earthquakes are expected, one of them at Bangladesh in July (see note ahead), and the other one of 8 Richter degrees at Siberia in September (but this two events will not be very noticed). And something without precedent is that the ozone layer will start to close, and this will be reported by the scientists this same year.

Ramavayan´s News

Last Negative-Energy Rebound after the Armageddon

Mexico, D.F., February 25th 2011. Energetic movements are shaking and repairing our planet but, in one month, on March 25th 2011, the last negative-energy rebound after the Armageddon will occur, informed today the Ascended Masters. These manifestations started to happen since the greatest event on February the 2nd 2009, but the last time we will receive an energetic distress will be this month in this year.

They were asked what can we do, the human beings, to be prepared and not to suffer any unwanted effect with this negative energy ejection, and they commented that “the best way is to be calmed and in ease; use this energetic event to look after detachment from material things; think that is much more important which is above, your destiny in Love, what you have in upper dimensions, that those things you have downstairs; focus on what really worth; we always see you upside down, worrying about money and material things, but the most important in your lives is to be prepared for what will come , your soul´s Ascension, your life in superior planes, although most of you don´t care about this things” –they concluded

Turmoil days at Africa and the Middle East

Mexico, February 19th, 2011. Close to the most important dates at the Chinese and Shambhala´s calendars, Ramavayan asked God again for Divine Justice, and felt happy for the changes that are happening at Africa and the Middle East. One month ago he arranged for a “complete decontamination of all human beings on Earth”, and the Ascended Masters informed him that “this process is occurring right now, and will last one year approximately”. Owing to this purifications and the rays that are coming into our planet, mainly by the Arabian Sea (see “Bolosthar Day for Planet Earth” and the following news in this same section), clearly all dictatorships are shaking in this part of the world. Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan are only samples of the new societies that will be forming in our world, and the example of these uprisings will spread to transform our world.

God Says:“Here comes the debacle of the most powerful dynasties”

Mexico, Jan 15th 2010. Thanks to the Light Pyramid Ramavayan created (see notice ahead), which is irradiating powerful God energy to our entire planet, important events will come, which will transform the way things were established until now. “You were ahead of what we planned” –said our Father this day, “this pyramid was expected to happen until 2025”. But thanks to this great idea that our leader Ashtar Ramavayan had, “in the next months you will see the debacle of the most important dynasties. The healing of your planet with the Light pyramid came in an appropriate moment” –commented God to Ramavayan. “This is why I congratulate you”.

One of the most frequent demands Ramavayan has made to God, is to ask for the correction of the order of things down here. “Everything is upside down” –has said Ramavayan several times. “The haughtiest people are in charge of the highest positions, and they constantly forget the need of generating better conditions for the needy; and meanwhile, the poor are ignored and abandoned”. Due to this pyramid things are going to change, and its effects will appear 21 days after its creation, or less.

More earthquakes at specific places

Mexico, Jan 15th, 2010. There are places on Earth in which, for many years, dark energies have been produced. “In certain spots where bad energy generators were installed by Ilsrave´s direction to produce effects that conducing to the destruction of our world, problems will arise” –commented Saint Germain. But thanks to the pyramid of God´s Light that Ramavayan built at the ethereal level, the positive energy is bending the negative one and, as the negative one doesn´t have where to go, earthquakes and disasters are produced. This is going to happen in the next months in different places around the world, and big personalities who were doing wrong, but got away with it, today will be exposed. “Dark path followers don´t have any fuel to produce more evilness and disorders –commented Ramavayan this day. “If they insist in generating hate and disharmony, the only thing that´s gonna happen is that the negativity will revert to them irreparably”.

"Little by little, things are changing for the good"

Mexico, Jan 10th, 2010. Masters said: “Thanks to Ramavayan´s actions, God is returning to your planet, and you can notice this if you pay attention”.

  • General negativity. Negativity on our world has diminished. The general tension and the nervousness ambiance that we were having at January 2009, is not perceived right now, and international war threatens have drop considerably. Each time you listen to the news, you will find information like this: “An airplane fell down, but no passengers were dead”; or “a terrorist attack was going to happen, but it could be stopped”. A lot of news we hear right now speak of personal issues from artists or common people like us. This doesn´t mean that all the negativity was eradicated from our planet, because most of the negative ones are still here, but the additional pressures exerted by the antichrist are gone, and we will be returning to normality little by little.

Ramavayan asks to God: “Help us, Father! You have not made any difference in our lives, and we´ve already carry out”. God promised to return faster

December 15th, 2009. God was sad because of what Ramavayan said to Him. Visibly angry, Ramavayan demanded our Lord over the difficult situation our planet was: “Everything is upside down. We did carry out, but see how the Light people are suffering. Your most beloved sons, they don´t have money, they have to face multiple struggles, and all this is because you haven´t acted! See how the people that don´t respect you live: they don´t have to worry”. God knew that somehow Ramavayan was speaking with truth and, when He examined the situation in which His beloved daughters and sons were, he was not happy. So He promised to fasten his return to our planet and that things were going to change soon.

God then took Ramavayan in ethereal level to a huge sacred mountain, which is located in Saturn, in which He gave Ramavayan a golden sack, and asked him to take it down, loading it. Ramavayan felt it was too heavy. “I don’t know why I pay attention to you”, said Ramavayan furiously. When he arrived to the side of the sacred mountain, saw the sack and looked that inside there were a lot of cooking utensils and tools, 2,824 objects in total. Very angry, he shouted: “Why you give me this? This is piece of junk, give me the opulence I need to help mi brothers in extreme poverty, that you promised me before I came how to this mission! How I am going to help them with these things?”.

Looking our Father that Ramavayan didn´t understand the significance and utility of this gift, He asked him to take a bath in a golden tub, fulfilled with liquid gold. “That liquid is burning”, claimed Ramavayan. “You are not going to burn up” said to him our Father, inviting him to dip into this sacred tub. Finally Ramavayan agreed to take the bath, and he was feeling very comfortable doing that, but still he was not happy.

From these events, Ramavayan asked God and to the principal responsible for the Salvation History, to be in charge of filling with Light our planet. “I discharge a lot when I do this kind of jobs, now it is time that you help me with these tasks”. So he designed a huge light pyramid over the Earth, with 5 ends; at the top of it he asked God to be, sending a lot of violet energy to our world and, in the other 4 ends, he asked Sanat Kumara, Jesus the Christ, Saint Germain and Zanday to throw blue energy for healing. “You do the job, that during 21 days our planet fulfills from this energy and blessings, and that the favorable changes to the people from the Light accelerate from now on”.

Ramavayan saves 500,000 people on the Bangladesh earthquake in June 2010! (event delayed in 3rd dimension to 2011, due to the excesive negativity and problems in that zone)

México, December 11th 2009. Today Ramavayan woke up very tired after 2 days of being working on Dacca (Dhaka), Bangladesh´s capital, preventing the death of 475,000 people in the June-July, 2010 earthquake. From the ethereal level, and being accompanied by “his friend” Sara Balzaretti (he doesn´t know her in 3rd dimension yet), in these 2 days they traveled in a spacecraft submerging into the subsoil, trying to stop the seismical vibrations, and going up to the surface to save children, women and elders.

Jesus the Christ indicated that “more lives can be saved” in this tragic event that will happen this year (Note: We have been told that there is a lap between our present in the 3d dimension time and the 4th and subsequent dimensions´. Also, that our future changes every three minutes, and that it can be modified with our thoughts and actions).

Norway Blue Spiral… “That was me” –Said Saint Germain

Norway, Dec 2009. A strange spiral appeared at Norway´s skies... Saint Germain explained to us that this is the symbol of the Salvation History, representing the beginning and the end of all this process of fight against evilness; the exterior of the spiral means the beginning of the actions taken against our slavery, and the center represent the final victory, from which emerges a new Light coming to us. Together with this symbol and since this epic victory, we will see a new world, a spectacular one, full of magic and wonderful manifestations.


2012 events, were avoided! The Ascension will be at 2056

Mexico, May 2009. Due to what Ramavayan did, the hardest events expected to happen close to, and at 2012, were canceled. The Ascension will be at 2056.

Masters explained to us that "another chance will be given to all beigns". And Master Sholom said... "Life is a process, you are in it... You have to develop patience!"...

Drop 2012 fear, said Ascended Master Saint Germain, “the confusion will end soon”

Aug, 2009. A lot of light workers fear 2012. But the Victory of the Light is also a victory over 2012 catastrophic events. “Don´t fear anymore”, said Saint Germain through Ramavayan´s connection. “We are protecting your planet, but in particular Mexico, which from now on is considered Holy Land”.

One of the first confirmations that the Light really won was the message given to María Cecilia Teixeira on October 26th, 2009, in which Saint Germain mentioned the phrase “The Light´s Victory”. Remember that Gudai-Shambhala utilized this main title from the beginning of his web page, on February 2009, because this was the instruction given directly by Master Saint Germain: “You must use the phrase The Light´s Victory in all what you mention”... Now he promised to send more communications to channels all around, speaking on this event.

 Jesus The Christ: “Just live happily from now on, I´ll make the rest..."

Sept, 2009. Jesus the Christ is in charge of our destiny from now on. He promised it. The Victory of the Light is, in fact, Jesus the Christ´s Victory over evilness. Now he will be closer to us, if we decide to leave him do that. The times that we are living right now are times of Glory. Have faith, the same faith that Ramavayan needed -despite the fear he felt at the first moment- to counter attack the antichrist.

Future themes:
* The Foundation of the 144,000´s city
* Interdimensional doors to Ascension, their future location.
* A calendar of future esoteric events, promised by Master Saint Germain.
* The 5,000-room Ramavayan´s spacecraft.
And more...