Gudai-Shambhala Products
A long-time-ago alchemist tradition...

Few years ago, Ramavayán had a business for the production of cleansing products for home and offices. One day he decided to “bless” these products with diverse purposes, for example, “so the business that uses them starts to have a lot of success and earnings”. For some years, his “experiments” were appreciated by his clients, who reported “interesting results and increases in their company’s incomes”.

Oleg of Olama produces an exceptional crème with tepezcohuite, which has antibiotic and therapeutic properties for the skin, which has been used for more than two years in our group.

Sharover is son of a Chemical Engineer (his father) and a Chemical Pharmaceutical Biologist (his mother), so since he was a toddler, he was surrounded by flasks and smelling substances, besides his parents had a crème factory many years ago.

As you will see, we have an interesting alchemistic heritage, which we want to use to benefit all our friends and brothers.

We invite you to meet some of the products we are developing.

Our product line

(“The movement of the sun”)
Live Heaven on Earth

Ollin Ra line (it pronounces “Ouleen-Ro”), has different products for personal use, which are created to bless its users. Some of the products are: Bath aromas, Multiuse cleaners for home and the office, Therapeutical Oils for Massages, Love Lotions, Perfect Health Lotions, Saint Germain´s Opulence Lotions, Capilar Lotions, and others. In this moment we offer to you this modern alchemy jewels:


Opulence Lotion:

When you use it, automatically come to your life all the benefits that belong to the Opulence: It gives you Happiness, Wealth, Love, Health, Wellness and Harmony.

“When I put it on me, a lot of clients come to the store (I work in), and I sell a lots of clothing. There is a lot of movement, and I feel secure, I don´t get tired despite I´m working all the day. One day I forgot to use it, and that day the store was empty, nobody stopped to buy. At the next day that I didn´t use it, I get a flu”.

Estefanía Alva, Mexico

Success Opener Lotion:

When you use it, you´ll see that broad opportunities will come to your life. Your negotiations will be easier, and in your life you´ll achieve complete satisfaction feeling and realizing that all your success dreams are coming true.

* By the moment this products are only available in Mexico City.

To buy Oleg´s crème or any of Ramavayan´s product, write to us here: